*Gluten Free Bases Available*

Pizzas only available 5.30pm Tuesday - Sunday

Napoli sauce, tomato, basil and garlic

Creamy garlic sauce and cheese

Napoli sauce and pepperoni

Napoli sauce , ham, and pineapple

tomato sauce, cherry tomato, red onion, roast pumpkin, mushrooms, pineapple,capsicum & olives

BBQ sauce, beef, ham, chorizo, pepperoni and cabanossi

Napoli sauce, pepperoni, cabonossi, ham, capsicum, onion, mushroom, pineapple, and olives

BBQ sauce, chicken, and ham

Satay sauce, chicken, capsicum, onion, and mushroom

BBQ sauce, chicken, capsicum, pineapple, red onion, mushroom, and fresh herbs

Napoli sauce, tandoori chicken, red onion, roast pumpkin, cherry tomato, rocket, greek yoghurt, and pine nuts

Creamy garlic sauce, red onion, chorizo, fish, and rocket

Creamy garlic sauce, red onion, chorizo, prawns, and rocket